Monday, May 24, 2010

BIG DOG--Day 3

Big Dog slept through the night last night--thank goodness. The constant whining and barking have stopped. We went to work happy and well rested; however, when we got back home we found that Big Dog had chewed up the edges of the carpet leading into the master bedroom. The door was closed but the very edge that stuck out under the door---he found it and chewed away. It must have been tasty because he chewed it all the way down. Pieces of carpet were thrown everywhere. Plus he left some "lovely" suprises throughout the house. The kids DID NOT like cleaning them up but I made them anyway. That teaches responsibility right?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BIG DOG--Day 2

Little "Big Dog" is the excitement around the house. The kids are loving him and I do believe they love him. Allison is happy to clean up after him......Laney, not so much! He kept us awake last night. I put him in the mud room hoping that we wouldn't hear his crying but we could still hear him loud and clear. Hubby got mad because it kept him up and he had to be up early for work. So.......Hubby isn't speaking to me, I'm exhausted, kids are exhausted, etc..... What an awful day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

BIG DOG--Day 1

Here's the newest addition to the family. He is super cute and the kids love him. He is already making himself at home!

Monday, May 17, 2010

HACKED finally happened! I knew it would! I just didn't know when! A couple weeks ago my e-mail account was hacked. Some ignorant person got into my account and sent e-mails to EVERYONE in my contact list claiming to be me, in some distant country, broke and in dire need of money. I can't access my account at all. It's been two weeks now and NOTHING! They, the e-mail people, claim they are working on it but I have my doubts! It's so frustrating! This world is full of idiots! I used to use facebook regularly but I can't even do that anymore.......the hacker got into that too. Oh well! Such is life in the modern world!